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Heritage Local Food

Sandhill Crane | Medium Gift Box

Sandhill Crane | Medium Gift Box

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A sight to behold in early spring as a million cranes make their annual pilgrimage north via the Central Platte River Valley. The dance of the crane is a playful display of outstretched wings, bowing, and leaping. The social event of the year. This box reaches deeper into Nebraska’s traditions and brings a delightful mix of goodies to create a playful social event with friends and family. 

Each item in this specially curated gift box tells a tale of tradition, dedication, and love for the craft. With selections from Nebraska’s best farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers, this is a gift that showcases Nebraska at its finest.

Choose the Nebraska Heritage Holiday Gift Box for a unique gifting experience that truly celebrates our state’s bounty and craftsmanship.

  • Impress your clients with a touch of Nebraska’s finest. This box serves as a delightful end-of-year thank you, showing your appreciation for their partnership. Click here for details.
  • Share the flavors and stories of Nebraska with loved ones during holiday gatherings with a heartwarming, one-of-a-kind gift.


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